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    What is Aikido?

    Simply put, aikido is a Japanese martial art in which the basic principle is to utilize your opponent’s power to control them in a lock or a throw.

    Aikido is often referred to as the peaceful art or way of harmony. Indeed the meaning of the character Ai in aikido is to match or harmonize. In aikido we do not promote aggression nor violence. Rather than overcoming an aggressor with brute force, aikido relies on the power of circular movements, through which an opponent’s attack or momentum can be redirected against them.

    Aikido Yoshinkai NSW (AYNSW) was established in 2005 by Darren Friend (6th dan) & Peggy Woo (5th dan). Both Darren and Peggy trained extensively in Japan and were  aikido instructors at the Aikido Yoshinkan Hombu (Headquarters) in Tokyo for over 10 years. Their experience training in Japan, having truly immersed in aikido and Japanese culture has given them a unique insight and perspective which they bring to every class.

    Aiki Kids Classes

    The Aiki Kids program was developed in order to make aikido accessible to children. The techniques taught are simplified and made appropiate for younger people to begin their aikido training. As the students develop and gain confidence, abilty and coordination they are slowly introduced to the techniqes as they are  trained by adults.

    The Aiki Kids program emphasises cooperation, discipline, focus and concentration. Each class is fast paced but repeats the same basic elements ech time in different ways so that there is constant repetition and practise of basics but without the boredom.

    Aiki Kids is open to kids 5 years and above. Through the years we have had a number of students make the journey from Aiki Kids all the way into regular adult classes and are still enjoying training as young adults. There are a number of families training in the dojo, kids really enjoy doing aikido with their parents.

    AYNSW also has a teen class on Fridays. This is a bridging class preparing young people for the regular adults classes. The full aikido syllaus is taught along with practical aikido in self defence.

    AYNSW Aiki Kids Program

    TuesdayWednesdayThursday 5.15pm-6.15pm & Saturday 10.00-11.00am

    Teen Class

    Friday 5.15-6.15pm

    AYNSW instructors are registered with Aikido Yoshinkai Federation, Japan.

    AYNSW instructors are acredited with the Martial Arts Industry Assocaition(MAIA), the peek acreditaion body for martial arts in Australia.

    All instructors have Working With Children checks.

    AYNSW Chief Instructor, Darren Friend Shihan teaches most classes on the schedule.

    AYNSW is a full time dojo, the training floor has been purposefully made to ensure student safety.

    Aiki Kids can be joined at anytime. Students can attend once a week or more often as their schedule allows.

    Contact AYNSW for more details or to arrange a free trial lesson.


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  • Opening Times
    Opening Times:

    New Students are welcome to attend all beginner & general classes.

    Beginners classes are especially geared towards beginners with added emphasis on basic movements, falling skills and explanation of terms and etiquette.

    The dojo is closed over all public holidays and during the Easter, Christmas and New Year breaks.

    Gradings are generally held once every two months.


    6.30-7.30 pm         General Class

    7.45-8.45 pm         Intermediate Class  (3rd kyu and above)


    12.00-1.00 pm       General Class

    5.15-6.15 pm         Kids / Adults

    6.30-7.30 pm         Beginner Class

    7.45-8.45 pm         General Class


    5.15-6.15 pm          Kids / Adults

    6.30-7.30 pm         General Class

    7.45-8.45 pm         Weapons Class


    12.00-1.00 pm        General Class

    5.15-6.15 pm          Kids / Adults

    6.30-7.30 pm          Beginner Class

    7.45-8.45 pm          AiKinetic  (applied aikido, students need to have basic skills and techniques)


    5.15-6.15 pm          Teen

    6.30-8.00 pm          General Class


    8.30-9.30 am            General Class

    10.00-11.00 am       Kids / Adults

    11.15-12.15 am       Beginner Class

    12.30-1.30 pm         Weapons Class

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    Address: 310 Marrickville Rd, Marrickville
    New South Wales
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