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    The English translation of judo is the “gentle way”. The sport is based on the principle of using an opponent’s movement and strength, combined with your own skill and technique, to overcome them. Those who engage in judo are called players. Judo is a traditional Japanese martial art, which has developed into a very popular modern Olympic sport practiced all over the world.  It is a dynamic sport that can be separated into two sections: ‘standing’ judo where a player tries to throw their opponent, and ‘ground work’ where players grapple one another, aiming to pin their opponent on their back. ​ Judo is the most popular Martial Art in the world. It is practiced for its many benefits including fitness, co-ordination, flexibility, self-confidence, strength, discipline, stress relief and controlling emotions. It focuses on the individual, but is practiced in a group situation.  Judo is one of the best forms of physical exercise; better than any other martial art because of the range of exercises and activities involved. It is also a very complete sport in terms of the skills required, making it an excellent base for training across other sports. ​ What is Judo?   Around the world the benefits of martial arts for kids and adults are well known and embraced.  Students of judo are encouraged to think about how and why various techniques are effective and how to improve their own performance.  Judo training can develop a competitive spirit and a feeling of confidence in a variety of situations. ​ In judo training there is a focus on the well-being and safety of training partners.  The use of strikes, kicking and weapons is not allowed.  These concerns for safety and the outlawing of dangerous practices have helped judo to become a successful sport.  Players wear a cotton judo suit known as a judogi and practice on a soft mat surface. In addition, large ‘crash mats’ are used for throwing practice and rope climbing is used to increase upper-body strength. ​ Introduced as on Olympic sport in 1964, judo can be played at a competitive level, or simply for the many health and recreational benefits it provides.  Regular judo training can improve an individual’s aerobic capacity, speed, power, strength, agility and flexibility. It is an inexpensive, all year round activity. It is unique in that all age groups and both sexes can participate and the sport can be learnt and played from as young as 5 years to seniors and beyond. ​ At Ohori Judo, our kids classes focus on fun and building judo skills through games and activities. We operate over the four school terms and payment can be made by the lesson or term, making it easy and cost effective to attend on a regular basis. ​ For older players, we offer a friendly group atmosphere in which all can train at their desired level. For those who aspire to national and international competition, we offer the best technical coaching available in Australia, individual coaching if required, a well-equipped Read more [...]