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    Little Makos Swim School

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    Little Makos is a Swim school that has been delivering programmes for children aged 6 months – 12 years old for the past 9 years. We are entering our 10th year in business and fundamentally believe that learning to swim is one of the most important life skills that children can receive. We offer classes at all levels of ability from the Water Babies classes where parents are in the water with their children right through to those who are able to swim all 4 of the strokes (freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and Butterfly).We do also offer Adult Learn to swim classes through the swim school by arrangement.  We believe that we offer a safe and conducive enviroment for teaching your children to swim, they know when they are attend that they are just coming for their lesson time and because of the small number of classes at the pool means there is less distraction so your child can focus during their lessons.  We have well trained instructors who focus on each child individually even within a group situation to make sure that we are aiming the lessons where they need to be for each child. We have a strong & flexible curriculum which has proven to be successful in teaching many children within the community to swim.  We run a variety of Learn to Swim programmes including: Water Babies Classes Pre-School LTS Classes Private Learn to Swim School Holiday Intensive Program

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    Wharenui Swimming Pool & Sports Centre

    Category: Classes and Swimming

    Welcome to Learn To Swim Wharenui.  We boast Canterbury’s most established Learn To Swim programme and have a connection with many current and ex Christchurch residents that have learnt to swim at Wharenui over the last 100 years.   Learn To Swim Wharenui has a proven learn to swim pathway that begins at babies and continues right through to promotion to Technique and eventually Wharenui Squads.  Classes begin for babies and toddlers in Pool 3 at a warm 33 degrees.  After that children move through the Pre-School lessons and into the School-Age Programe.  Once children reach the School-Age programme which is based in Pool 2, lessons are more technique based and children are graded on ability rather than age.   While Learn To Swim is generally targeted towards younger members of our society it is equally important that older members and parents can swim adequatly.  It is a life skill that you will never know when you will need it.  Here at Wharenui we offer varied Adult Learn To Swim lessons from entering the water for the very first time, too advanced swim technique for weight loss programmes or recreational swimming. Every school holidays we run a holiday programme that offers a more intensive programe for children, children swim every day during either the first or second week. At Wharenui childrens safety in and around the pool is very much an important part of teaching.  Therefore group numbers a capped and teachers are constantly aware of their children in the water.  We also encourage children to stay out of the pools until their lesson begins.  .